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Kosher certification

The dairy Ingardia produces certified Kosher cheeses. It's the only sicilian dairy that has obtained this prestigious certification.

  • Inspect tanksThe Rabbi inspects the tanks.
  • inspects the productThe Rabbi inspects the product.
  • BrandingBranding of Kosher products
  • Branding productBranding of Kosher products

Kosher certification is a quality mark issued by Jewish community.
A food is called Kosher (that in Jewish means fit) when it has got all the necessary qualifications required by biblical's regulations.
The extreme severity of the Kosher certification's rules is a real guarantee for customers indipendently from their religion.
A lot of customers, in fact, choose Kosher foods because they are healtly and sure. Kosher certification guarantee an high selection of ingredients, a carefull on manufacture process and the genuineness of the products.
It's possible to produce some Kosher cheeses at the request of companies that pay the cost of certification.